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Best Clash Of Clans Tips and Tricks Full Update Everyday. This blog is about guides, tips and tricks about the most amazing game on smartphone and tablet, namely Clash of Clans.

Earn 4 million Loot in 1 hour

Hello, today I will share with you the article how to earn about 4 million loot in just 1 hour with GiBAM use offensive. I will guide the concise and easy to understand. ​ How to do make 4 million Loot in 1 hour with GiBAM Tactical components Why use GiBAM? Because it is one of the components of the ... Read More »

The way ploughs the effective Cup

As you know that, after the update to the latest version of the Clash of Clans, we will very rarely meet outside the main house up to the cup, so this article please share how plowing efficiency trophy. ​ ​ I/the requirements when plowing trophy: You have to have perseverance. You don’t plug forever auto to plough the Cup by ... Read More »

Standard combo to go farm in each Hall

The COC, in selecting the best Cup level and the military component when a farm is the two important things to determine how to you can farm well and earn a lot of resources. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do it the right way! How fast and efficient farming is not the same for all players. ... Read More »

How to Run Your Own Clan Successfully ?

There is many clan in numbers of game and many of them can’t be stand long. What is happening to them? why they can’t be play as team? how they manage to handle the new topic or new problem related to their weakness? Everyone has weakness and we should try to overcome from that weakness but most important part is ... Read More »

Freeze spell-Stay Frosty During The War

“When the battle gets hot, stay frosty! The Freeze Spell sends outs a cryogenic blast that temporarily immobilizes enemy troops and disables defensive buildings within its radius.” Radius Housing Space Brewing Time Spell Factory Level Required 3.5 tiles 2 30 minutes 4   Level Freeze Time cost Research cost Research Time Laboratory Level Required 1 5 seconds 26,000 – – ... Read More »

How to create a Funnel with the ornament

In addition to the aesthetic function, the ornament (decorations) in Clash of Clans also have the ability to block the enemy soldiers or drop form the trap example enemy ​ A lot of people think things decor decoration in the base often don’t benefit and nature beauty. However few people know is that in addition to decorate, these things can ... Read More »

Tips for Town Hall 8 and 9 go 3200 trophy

This small guide contains a lot of great suggestions and tips for Town Hall 8 and 9 are trying to push the Cup.This guide was written by Reav3R this member took up the Champion easily in just 8 days when am in the Town Hall 7. Tips for Town Hall 8 and 9 ‘d up 3200 trophy   Tip push ... Read More »

When to upgrade the Town Hall 11?

As you know, the update information Town Hall 11 extreme HOT newly SPC revealed, many gamers are eagerly waiting for the COC. So when to upgrade this article Nov I will share in this article. When to upgrade the Town Hall 11?When should I upgrade to Town Hall 11? ​ Basically, there are 2 types of people will play up ... Read More »

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