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Best Clash of Clans Strategy Guide: Tactics, Tips and Tricks; Discover the best Clash of Clans guide available online! Packed with strategies, tips, and guides covering every facet of CoC gameplay.

Jump Spell-Direct Your Army

“walls slowing you down? try making a shortcut! cast this spell near enemy walls to create a route straight over them. Your troops will jump over affected wall pieces as if they weren’t even there!”   Radius Boost Time Housing Space Brewing Time Spell Factory Level Required 3.5 tiles 1s 2 30 minutes 4   Level Spell Duration cost Research ... Read More »

GoWiPe attack strategy on lotus structure

Army set up: Lotus structure is well known because of it more compartment in base layout, I used  8.5 attacking strategy  and my pekka & golem are only level 1. Army combination shown above 1 hog to lure cc, 18  wizard for mass damage, 2 golem,3 pekka, 1 king for meat shield and distract enemy defense, 3 poison spell to ... Read More »

Holo tactics using Hog and Balloon for the Town Hall 8

Hello, today I will introduce to you’re at Town Hall 8 a tactic quite or and ease of use to go war that is tactical Holo, a combination of the Hog and Balloon Holo tactics using Hog and Balloon for the Town Hall 8 Attack strategies​ If you know how to determine the correct base to attack with this strategy ... Read More »

Tactical Super Queen clear 3 stars for Hall 10

-This is tactics are very unpopular, can easily clear 3 stars hall 10 max def, for the kind of home, we’re still 2 stars booster can be 3 stars, if used carefully, -This strategy is not in an overnight accumulated experiences, we need to exercise, and adjust to fit every type of opponent’s home. ​ + How to use Super ... Read More »

Clear Hall 9 by GoWizValHog Combos

-With GOWIPE Combos (Golem, Wizard, Pekka), we can only clear hall 9 is 2 * -With Laballoon Combos (Lava Hound, Balloon) we can clear are 3 * but if not use mature and fail only one * (too risky for Clan Wars) ​ -With GoWizValHog Combos (Golem, Wizard, Valkyrie, Hog Rider), the same tactic , we can Clear the Hall ... Read More »

Combining Grand Warden when attack

As we watch some battles have Grand Warden in attacks such as farm or in a War does, basically it has the 1 circle additional HP for glory the soldier around it (heaven on the protection for the soldiers in that circle, not buff like Healer or Healing Spell). But you are in Hall 11, the question is how GW ... Read More »

SuperQueen tactical HogBarcher farming efficiency

Today I will introduce the tactic of extreme efficiency resources, farm assured only the rich, fast, strong. After the update, the Healer is restricted but not all, this also does not affect SuperQueen this powerful strategy. ​ You will love HogBarcher SuperQueen because: Train fast because we use all six Barracks. Very powerful attack: because the component should have delicious ... Read More »

HoGiBarch offensive

I introduce you a new strategy that is HoGiBarch this is a pretty effective tactic after the December Update. HoGiBarch offensive ​ Unlike Full tactical Goblins, you can use this tactic to attack all the base to warehouses or deposits in the inside. At the same time it is also very convenient, time train not too much because you have ... Read More »

Farming Milking strategy (Full Goblins)

After the update, you will have trouble going farm Gold and Elixir right? Do you believe that within 10 minutes you can farm 400 k Elixir? This new strategy will help you. ​ Farming Milking strategy (Full Goblins) ​ This farm tactics may be used with all the Hall and easily earn 1 million per resource type within 30 minutes. ... Read More »

Tactics for HogHealer Hall 9

Hi guys, today I will guide you with 1 more tactical combination between Healer with Hog Riders for Hall 9. This is 1 of tactics will change thinking purely about the Hog, from combining different combinations and also Spell a soldier also so different. Tactics for HogHealer Hall 9 ​ Military component: ​ 28 4 4 4 4 3 1 ... Read More »

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